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Monday, July 2, 2018

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Good afternoon everyone!


   My name is Ashley Rone and I'm currently in my Junior year as an Environmental Studies Major at UNCW. You may have noticed that our site has undergone some changes! I would like to take this time to explain the recent happenings of our websites updates and to let you know what exciting new things will be taking place in the next few weeks/months.


   Before we begin I would like to address the fact that for the time being, I will be the UNCW's PBOT volunteer website administrator. In the event that Dr. Jamie is unable to respond to your questions or concerns, I will be the one in charge of obtaining answers for your questions.


To begin I would like to start with the following topics:


FAQ updates


 As we have moved our website to a more modernized place, we have undergone some major changes on our FAQ page. Among these changes, you now have the option to use a drop down arrow to view the answer to the question above. They are now neatly organized into categories to make the page more user friendly. Our previous site was starting to deteriorate so pictures were in places they shouldn't be. Hopefully this move to our Wix site will keep us nice and organized.
Blog continuation
 We previously have not done blogs, but Dr. Jamie Rotenburg really wanted to try and get this part going. As you noticed since you are here, that we have started up on doing blogs. The frequency of these will vary due to changes in schedules, but will for the most part take place weekly. If you don't see a blog for that week, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you, we might just be busy that week and will follow up with you at our next earliest convenience!
Discussion Forum addition


 While searching through some of our e-mails, we noticed that a few of you have suggested a Discussion Forum. We understand that sometimes we are not always able to answer quick enough to your questions, and someone else may be more knowledgeable about it as well as be able to get you an answer in a more timely manner. So with that being said, we will be adding a Discussion Forum in the near future after all the smaller changes have been completed!

 As you browse through our site, you'll notice that we are no longer accepting new data for our research. However, we welcome you to use any information gathered and send it over to Cornell Laboratory's site called Ebird! We want to thank all of our previous contributors that helped us in our PBOT banded birds research as you provided us with extremely useful information to aid in our previous research.
Contacting us

 You'll notice that our contact section is under construction at this point in time. We will have it back up after we finish sorting through and answering previous e-mails. We will also be establishing a new e-mail.


That is all the changes made so far. We thank you for being so patient as we get things back in order. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Check back next week for more news!



Ashley Rone

UNCW Environmental Science Major

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